Castels of the Duchy

If you want to visit the castles of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza, you're in the right page. Here we report the destinations closer to our farm.

Reggia di Colorno

Less than a quarter of an hour's drive from our farm you’ll find Reggia di Colorno, small Versailles with over 400 rooms between, court embraced by a beautiful French garden, by the river Parma and from the town square. Inside, be amazed by the apartments of the Duke and Duchess and the Astronomical Observatory.

Rocca di San Secondo

It was the first medieval fortress and Renaissance residence then. You’ll find it in the center of San Secondo, the country famous for Spalla Cotta, the salami served hot with “TORTA FRITTA”, another local specialty. Inside, stop you in the Hall of Gesta Rossiane and in front of 17 panels dedicated to the story of the story of the donkey's Golden APULEIO.

Rocca di Soragna

Still lives in the castle Prince Diofebo, last descendant of the noble house of Meli Lupi. Stern-looking on the outside, its sumptuous interior. Furniture and furnishings of the early Baroque, precious pictures, and a great romantic English park with a little lake and greenhouse.

Rocca di Fontanellato

In the heart of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, the Rocca Sanvitale is embraced by a large moat filled with water. Across his entrance to discover the secrets of the fortress. The castle has one of the masterpieces of Italian manierism the room decorated by Parmigianino in the early sixteenth century with the representation of the myth of Diana and Atteone. Visit the apartment noble Sanvitale and the CAMERA OTTICA, with the ingenious system of prisms and lenses to spy on the square.

Around the Rocca, every third Sunday of the month, you can hunt for rarities and collectibles among the pews of a picturesque antique market.